Tea Party Publishing is a Family run website, it represents over four Generations of  our History

We're an exceptional family, average Americans,  just like you!


Like you we have been free to pursue our dreams and goals. We have striven to create art, donated our time to worthy causes, served in the military to protect our nation & yes some lost their lives. We have played sports, worked to get an education We have voted, some of us liberal & some of us conservative. The struggle continues. Now our freedom is threatened from within. Our foe is the sheer size of Government & it's intervention in our lives, the manipulation of our markets & currency, over taxation, over regulation of our businesses & energy sources & least I forget old fashioned fraud & waste. The list goes on and on. At it's root is the fundamental problem of big government. It is our duty as Americans to stand up to the oppression & speak out. Our rights come creation itself, from God, whatever you may call him. Not from  government! Our Constitution limits government & gives all the rights to "We The People." I never worried about being rich, I could work a job & pursue my education, or my art. I was already rich, I was an American, I was free. My children & their children deserve that same freedom. The next generation is facing a debt placed upon it by politicians that is simply untenable. It must be dealt with or they will not enjoy the same freedoms of previous generations. I can not state strongly enough that this website is a statement of freedom. What my family has been able to accomplish because of freedom. It is not about conservative or liberal.  It is not about politics, belief, sexual orientation, black & white, male or female. It is about freedom. Big Government is slavery. That's why our Constitution guarantees us limited government. It defines exactly what the job of government is & is not. Politicians & the Judges they appoint have grown government to the point where it's sheer size is unconstitutional. This website shows what my family did with their freedom. Enjoy what we offer, videos of song, poetry and even opera. Books & stories. Poetry, humor, positive thinking, faith, politics, and sure romance.  Art work, pictures, & audio books.  Our only desire is that you enjoy!



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